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Amped Up Music Academy is Doncaster’s premier music school.

Learn music in a fun & safe environment, with lessons taught by expert tutors in our professional studios. Both kids (6+) and adults welcome.

A music school built on live music

At some point, most people have wished they could strum a few guitar chords, lay down a solid drum beat, or sing confidently in front of others. That’s why our music school is centred around modern, live music instruments. Everybody’s got an inner rock star waiting to be discovered!


We teach all kinds of guitar: electric, acoustic and classical. Learn any musical style, including rock, pop, blues and jazz.


Always wanted to learn how to sing but don’t know if you can? Want to improve your range, technique or tone? Get on the path to becoming a better singer.


Does the idea of hitting something to create music interest you? Learn how to lay down a solid beat on the drum kit.


The traditional instrument of our teaching range. We teach all styles, from rock and pop to jazz, blues and classical.


Want to get your hands on synths, strings, pianos and organs? It’s what all the big chart producers like Pharrell and Mark Ronson are doing in the studio.


Want to take care of the low notes, bring the groove and add the magic? We teach all styles and techniques of bass.

One to One Lessons

Get the most from your instrument with individual, personalised tuition.

  • Direct and personal learning with an expert music tutor.
  • Individually tailored tuition, specific to you and your goals.
  • The easiest and quickest way to learn an instrument.

Rock Band Program

Learn in a fun environment with unique and creative sessions for groups of students.

  • Unique programs led by our expert music tutors.
  • Meet like-minded musicians at a similar ability level.
  • Develop and gain confidence in a group environment.

Your first lesson is free – what have you got to lose?

Rock Band Program

The Rock Band Program is a weekly band session for budding musicians. They play with a live band of like-minded musicians, create their own music, and record songs in a real studio. At the end of each term they get the chance to perform live in front of a real audience!


Watch them grow with confidence

They’ll learn a lot in the process; how to play alongside other musicians, how to perform, and how to write music. At the end of each term they jump on stage and perform a live gig in front of a real audience with their band. It’s the ultimate band experience!

Rehearse with a live band each week

Lay down tracks in our recording studio

Perform live in front of a real audience

Take home a live performance video

Meet the Team

Our tutors are expert musicians who teach music in a fun & safe environment, where self-expression and improvisation are readily encouraged. Learning music should be fun, and it’s fun to be creative with what you learn!

  • Bob Willmott
    Bob Willmott Piano/Keyboard Tutor
  • Olivia Wilson
    Olivia Wilson Singing Tutor
  • Dave Baxter
    Dave Baxter Guitar/Bass Tutor
  • Jamie Godfrey
    Jamie Godfrey Guitar/Singing Tutor
  • Keren Hadas
    Keren Hadas Piano Tutor
  • Liam Marshall
    Liam Marshall Drum Tutor
  • Dan Marshall
    Dan Marshall Owner/Manager
  • Dave Moran
    Dave Moran Head of Operations

Not sure where to start?

If you’re not sure what instrument to learn or what kind of lessons to take, don’t worry. Send us an email or give us a call on 01302 288422 and we’ll have a chat through things with you.

Your first visit to Amped Up Music Academy

For your first visit to our music school, our recommendation is to try a One to One Lesson, they’re simply the best way to learn or improve on an instrument. On the other hand, if you think you might prefer learning in a more unique way, then take a look at our Rock Band Program. Here you’ll get the chance to learn your instrument whilst taking part in weekly band rehearsal sessions alongside other Amped Up students.


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