Keep the Beat with Drum Lessons in Doncaster for All Ages

Drum Lessons at Doncaster’s dedicated tuition facility

If you feel you’ve got rhythm in your bones and a beat in your head, the cymbals and skins might be for you, so put your sticks together with drum lessons in Doncaster and learn the liveliest instrument of them all.

Lessons for all ages and any level of player

The drums are possibly the easiest instrument for young children to learn. After all, kids love bashing away at things! After a little while those things become a beat, and that beat makes a musician!

If you’re an adult wanting to learn from scratch or further your skills, it’s never too late to start. We teach ages 7+ and people of all levels of skill and experience are welcome to come for drum lessons in Doncaster – we can take you from the beginner level through to being an advanced player no matter how long you’ve been playing.

Lesson information

  • 30 minute lessons or 1 hour lessons
  • Both adults and children (7+) taught
  • Levels from complete beginner to advanced
  • Tuition for music exams (grades)

What will I be taught in my drum lessons?

We’ll start you off learning the basic movements and move you onto forming a beat. You can then progress onto more advanced techniques and learn the skills you’ve always wanted.

Master playing technique

Drums are BIG on technique. We’ll guide you on grip, stick height, rebound, control as well as various foot techniques.

Run the rudiments

To some drummers, rudiments are everything. Nail those double stroke rolls, paradiddles and flam taps.

Learn fundamental music theory

A good base of theory makes learning songs by ear, improvising and writing a whiz.

Widen your style

A lot of great rock drummers started out as jazz players. We’ll help you mix up your style to become a better all-round player.

Learn specialist techniques

We’ll teach you methods such as the moeller, push/pull, slide and heel and toe to become a faster and more dynamic drummer.

Lock in your groove

It might be easy to play a simple beat but it takes years to make that beat sound incredible. It’s all about the groove.

Your first lesson is free – what have you got to lose?


The instrument everybody wants to play

It’s a fact that you’ll never see an empty kit at a band rehearsal – as soon as the drummer gets up someone else always jumps on it to lay down a beat – and you can never pull them away! The drums are the instrument everybody wants to play.

Tuition tailored to you, no matter the style

We teach all styles of drumming, from rock to jazz, funk to metal – our tuition is tailored to you, so you’ll only learn what you want.

Drum lessons in the heart of Doncaster

Our facility is situated in the heart of Doncaster, just outside the town centre (find us on a map). If you’ve been searching for drum lessons in Doncaster you now have a safe and friendly place to visit and take tuition with experienced musicians.

Want to learn in a group environment instead?

We also be introducing drum lessons in a group environment soon as one of our unique Amped Up Programs – perfect for those who want to share their experience with like-minded musicians of a similar skill level.

Meet our drum tutor

Our tutors are expert musicians who make a living teaching and performing music. They teach in a modern, creative way and encourage improvisation and experimentation. It’s safe to say you’re in good hands!

  • Liam Marshall
    Liam Marshall Drum Tutor

    Liam generally gets bored playing a single instrument, so he has been through a few, but the drums have had his attention for a while now. He performs in the busiest band in the UK, where he’s known as ‘the human metronome’.

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