Master the Sound of Several Instruments with Keyboard Lessons

Multiple instruments at your fingertips

Are you the type of person that wants to create a bigger sound than one instrument ever can? Think you can handle playing multiple parts of a song at the same time? Fortunately, becoming a multi-tasking extraordinaire isn’t as hard as it sounds, but it does sound amazing!

Keyboard Lessons at Doncaster’s only dedicated music academy

You’ll be learning in a specialised, newly-fitted environment with all the right facilities to help you get where you want to be with your keyboard lessons. Doncaster centre is just a stone’s throw away, and with easy access from the M18 it really couldn’t be simpler to start learning today.

Lesson information

  • 30 minute lessons or 1 hour lessons
  • Both adults and children (7+) taught
  • Levels from complete beginner to advanced
  • Tuition for music exams (grades)

What will keyboard lessons teach me?

We’ll provide you with the skills to play the keyboard parts from your favourite songs, whether that be piano, synth, organ or strings sections – from the beginner level to advanced.

Get a grasp on music theory

Keyboards are big on theory. You need to know your chords and scales to play beyond the beginner level.

Master the technique

Even learning the basics of which fingers go where will make you a better player immediately.

Develop your musical ear

We’ll help you develop your ability to work out chords and melodies just by hearing them.

Expand your style

Keyboard playing is part of so many different styles of music: pop, rock, r&b, dance and more. Dipping into each of them will make you a better musician.

Unlock all the instruments

There are so many instruments you can play with a keyboard: piano, synths, strings, organ, bass and more. We’ll guide you through them all.

Take it to the next level

Playing with two keyboards give you more opportunities to play even more sounds. We aim to get all our students to the ‘two keyboards’ level.

Your first lesson is free – what have you got to lose?


Learn exactly what you want to learn

Our tutors will tailor your lesson to your own individual tastes and requirements. The first lesson is free, so you can’t lose! We can show you the ropes and get you heading down the path to keyboard perfection.

Learning without age or ability limits

We teach students from ages 7 and up, and there’s no age limit for learning new skills, or for revisiting and perfecting those forgotten techniques. We teach any ability level, so there’s no better option for keyboard lessons than Doncaster’s Amped Up Music Academy.

Would you rather learn alongside others?

If you think you might learn better with the support of a small group, why not join one of our keyboard based Programs held at our Doncaster academy? You’ll still have the same professional tuition, but you’ll be able to develop confidence and share advice with other like-minded keys players in the group.

Meet our Keyboard tutors

Our tutors are expert musicians who make a living teaching and performing music. They teach in a modern, creative way and encourage improvisation and experimentation. It’s safe to say you’re in good hands!

  • Bob Willmott
    Bob Willmott Piano/Keyboard Tutor

    Bob completed the masters performance course at the Institute of Contemporary Music in London. He’s a multi-instrumentalist who plays piano/keyboards, guitar, bass, violin, and sings (piano is his main instrument).

  • Keren Hadas
    Keren Hadas Piano Tutor

    Keren graduated music at the University of Sheffield. Before that, she jointly studied piano and singing at the junior department of the Royal College of Music, and she’s also performed at Westminster Abbey and Notre Dame.

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