Unique and Creative Programs Designed by the Amped up Team


The Live Band Program is a weekly class for young musicians aged 7-18 that want to learn and perform in a live band.


The Songwriting Program is a weekly class for singers and songwriters aged 7-18 who are interested in writing music.

Learn music in a unique and modern way

Our programs are unique sessions put together by the team here at Amped Up. They’re aimed at musicians who want to further their musical skills or progress with learning their instrument in a more modern and unique environment than one to one lessons can offer.

Advancing your abilities in a group

All our programs are group based, which means students learn alongside other musicians of a similar age and ability level. Learning in a group environment can be a great thing. It inspires confidence and creativity, and you’ll never have to worry about getting over the hump of playing or singing in front of other people because you’ll already have done it. Utilising multiple players in a group also helps us teach the more practical aspects of music and avoid getting too bogged down in music theory, which makes things more fun for everyone!

Programs for all ages and abilities

Students can start off on our Songwriting Program and our Live Band Program as young as 7 years old, and go on until 18. All our programs are split to allow people of similar ages and abilities to play together.

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Designed by the team here at Amped Up

Our programs are uniquely designed sessions that were put together by the team at Amped Up to allow students to progress on their instrument in a fun and practical way. Rather than simply learning the theory and technical aspects of playing, they get out into the musical world and play what they learn among other musicians.

Non-traditional music lessons

Practical, workable skills are focused on heavily during the process. Basically, the skills that take the most time to develop as a musician. Not only do our programs allow students to progress in areas that they simply can’t practice on their own, they also instill a level of self-confidence that goes far beyond traditional lessons.


Who are Amped Up Programs for?

The Live Band Program is for young musicians who’ve already been playing a for a few weeks/months/years and want to take things up a notch by playing songs in a live band and performing live gigs. It’s the ultimate music program for students that want to get out there and play with others.

The Songwriting Program is for people of all skill levels who want to learn how to write music and collaborate in a fun environment. It’s structured to allow people at different levels to improve at their own pace. You can even take part as a complete beginner, having never sung or played at all.

  • Parents that want more unique music lessons for their children
  • Students that want to focus on real-world music skills
  • Students that want to collaborate
  • Students that want to perform live gigs

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