Sharpen Your Musical Creativity with Our Songwriting Program for 7-18 Year Olds


Weekly sessions for singers and songwriters

The Songwriting Program is a weekly creative class for budding young songwriters. Students work on writing new songs with the group each week with the help of an expert tutor that leads the sessions. They’ll meet new people with a similar interest in music while they hone their songwriting skills and develop a strong understanding of lyric writing, chord progressions, song structures and other musical elements. At the end of every term they’ll get to record songs they’ve written in our professional studio and perform their new tracks at a live gig!

What skills are required to join the course?

Singing is part of the process, but you don’t have to be Adele or Ed Sheeran – the Songwriting Program is all about writing music. Students are encouraged to write lyrics as part of the group. Those that can play instruments such as the guitar and piano are welcome to make an input using them too, but the only requirement is enthusiasm to create new music, and to have fun doing it!

Program information

  • One hour sessions
  • Sessions held weekly during term time
  • Groups split into 7-11 year olds and 12-18 year olds
  • A maximum of 8 students per session

Perform the songs you’ve written at a real, live gig

Students get the chance to perform a live gig at the end of each term (every 3 months)

Now’s your chance to play your songs live, either individually or as a group, at a live music venue in Doncaster.

Your first session is free – why not give it a try?

It’s time to get creative

The Songwriting Program is about creating new music; it’s about communicating ideas; it’s about listening to others to bring something new to the table. Students taking part in the songwriting Program are encouraged to share their thoughts and be confident with their ideas so that when they leave the program they’re the most self-assured version of themselves they can be.

Create brand new music with the group

Contribute to the creation of completely original songs

Meet others with an interest in writing music

Make new friends with other people interested in music

Gain knowledge of lyrics, chords & structures

Get a better understanding of music and song-writing theory

Perform your songs live in front of an audience

Perform your songs live at the end of every term


Who is the Songwriting Program for?

The Songwriting Program is for anyone aged 7-18 (students of a similar age are grouped together) that would like to get involved in writing music. Traditional music skills aren’t necessary (although students who can play guitar or piano are encouraged to). You just need to be able to hum a tune and write a few words – from that we’ll help students come up with new ideas and write new music!

What will I learn on the Songwriting Program?

Students learn about chords that are commonly used to write pop and rock songs; they learn how songs are structured and they’ll get a grasp on things like verses, choruses and middle eights. We’ll also break down songs into their bare parts so they can get an understanding of how songs are built using different instruments and techniques, and we’ll work on lyric writing skills throughout the program.

How long are the sessions?

Each session lasts an hour, except for the final session of each term, which is a live performance that lasts 2-3 hours (including time for students to sound-check).

How good do I have to be?

Traditional music skills aren’t necessary, you just have to be able to hum or sing a little (don’t worry, you don’t have to be the next Adele or Ed Sheeran!).

Can I give it a try?

You’re more than welcome to pop down and give the Songwriting Program a try before signing up (your first session is free). Get in touch to find out more.

Any questions?

If you’ve got any questions about the Songwriting Program or would like to find out more, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call on 01302 288422. We’re always happy to chat!


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