Monthly Payments

After your initial free trial lesson, lessons are billed monthly and must be paid for in advance. You will be charged on the 1st of every month for your lessons, which you will receive weekly, on an ongoing basis* (this is not an annual contract – it can be cancelled at any time, however we do require 7 days’ notice to stop payments).

When you sign up for weekly lessons, your first bill will be prorated to include the remaining lessons of the month you signed up in, as well as a payment for the following month. Example:

If you sign up on the 12th of March, you will receive 2 lessons (one on the 19th of March and one on the 26th of March) before your first bill on the 1st of April. The cost of these lessons will be included in your bill on the 1st of April.

Due to the nature of monthly billing, we only charge for 48 weeks per year instead of 52. This effectively means you will receive 2 free lessons automatically included in your billing cycle. We close for the remaining 2 weeks during the Christmas period.


Cancellation by/on behalf of Student

One to One Lessons: Students who cancel with more than 18 hours’ notice will receive a make-up lesson that can be rescheduled at a suitable time.

Group Lessons: Students who cancel with more than 18 hours’ notice will receive a 30 minute one to one make-up lesson that can be scheduled at a suitable time.

Cancellations can be made at reception, or by phone, email, or voicemail. Make-up lessons and/or refunds are not provided for same-day cancellations and no-shows.

Cancellation by Tutor/School

If an emergency situation arises and we are forced to cancel your lesson, you will receive a make-up lesson that can be rescheduled at your convenience. In the event your tutor is absent due to illness/emergency etc. you will be provided with a substitute tutor of equivalent standard. It can be highly advantageous to work with a different tutor from time to time, so our standard billing policy applies.

Withdrawing from Tuition

You are not signed into a lengthy contract when you take lessons with us. We simply require 7 days’ notice if you wish to withdraw from tuition. Your future lessons will then be cancelled from the beginning of the following month and no additional payments will be made.

Holiday Closures

We are open during most school holidays. We only close for 2 weeks during the Christmas period; shutting down before Christmas Eve and opening up again in the New Year. Although these closure dates vary slightly each year, they are arranged so you never miss more than 2 lessons.

You will be given at least one months’ notice of our closure dates. Any lessons missed during this period are covered by our standard billing policy.

Promotions & Discounts

Free Lesson

All new students are eligible to receive one free lesson each, subject to our discretion. This can be taken as a 30 minute one to one lesson or an hour group lesson and cannot then be re-used on a different instrument.

Family Discount

We provide a family/sibling discount of 10% for every additional student taking lessons with us.

Please note: family/sibling discount applies to group lessons only.

*Excluding December/January

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