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About Amped Up

Amped Up is a music tuition facility that opened in Doncaster in September 2016. We offer music lessons to people of all ages and abilities, from complete beginner to experienced performer.

Lessons come in two forms: our One to One Lessons are for students looking for direct, individual tuition, and our Rock Band Program is a unique, modern music program that give students the chance to experience things like playing in a band, writing and recording music, and performing live gigs.

Our mission

Our mission is to make music fun. We don’t send students home with old-fashioned syllabuses and make them practice playing nursery rhymes all evening. Our teaching is based on being creative and much of what we do is centered around playing as part of a group or band. We want our students to develop real-world skills and experience that will be usable in practical situations for years to come!

Instruments we teach

Our lessons are based around live band instruments, so we teach everything you generally see in rock, pop and indie bands. That doesn’t limit you in style though – our tutors are experienced in many areas of music, such as jazz, funk, blues and classical.

Not sure what instrument to learn? Pop in for a free One to One Lesson and try a few different ones out!


Our Location

Amped Up Music Academy
Trafalgar House
Nelson Street

We’re located just outside the centre of Doncaster on Nelson Street (at the beginning of White Rose Way). We’re a 2 minute drive from the centre and we’re really easy to find. You’ll see our signage as soon as you head down the street – just look to the left!

Opening Times

Monday-Friday: 3:30pm – 9:30pm
Saturday: 10:30am – 4:30pm
Sunday: Closed

Our phone lines are only open during the above times. If you need to cancel your lesson/booking when our phone lines are closed, please leave a voicemail or send us an email.


Tutors & Staff

We like to think we’re a bunch of rock & roll dudes but we’re pretty tame really! None of us have ever thrown a TV through a hotel room window or driven a Bentley into a swimming pool!

  • Dave Moran
    Dave Moran Head of Operations

    Dave deals with a lot of the day to day stuff at Amped Up, but he’s an accomplished singer and guitar player in his own right! At the weekend he performs in an awesome rock & pop band along with our drum tutor, Liam.

  • Dan Marshall
    Dan Marshall Owner/Manager

    Dan plays guitar, bass and drums (but only two of them, you know, well…). A reality TV show could be created about how untidy Dan’s office desk is. His greatest invention is a tap that pours Yorkshire tea (patent pending).

  • Liam Marshall
    Liam Marshall Drum Tutor

    Liam generally gets bored playing a single instrument, so he has been through a few, but the drums have had his attention for a while now. He performs in the busiest band in the UK, where he’s known as ‘the human metronome’.

  • Keren Hadas
    Keren Hadas Piano Tutor

    Keren graduated music at the University of Sheffield. Before that, she jointly studied piano and singing at the junior department of the Royal College of Music, and she’s also performed at Westminster Abbey and Notre Dame.

  • Jamie Godfrey
    Jamie Godfrey Guitar/Singing Tutor

    Jamie basically plays every instrument under the sun (no, it’s not fair!). He has a music degree from the University of Chester and he’s grade 8 on guitar. He’s also the lead singer and guitarist in two brilliant bands.

  • Dave Baxter
    Dave Baxter Guitar/Bass Tutor

    Dave’s a guitar & bass player with a degree in music technology from Leeds Met. In recent years he’s become obsessed with learning everything about guitar playing and music theory and he’s here to pass that knowledge on!

  • Olivia Wilson
    Olivia Wilson Singing Tutor

    Olivia gained her music degree from Huddersfield University in 2012. Since then she has been teaching singing both privately and in schools. She also leads a choir that once performed as a flash-mob in the Frenchgate Centre!

  • Bob Willmott
    Bob Willmott Piano/Keyboard Tutor

    Bob completed the masters performance course at the Institute of Contemporary Music in London. He’s a multi-instrumentalist who plays piano/keyboards, guitar, bass, violin, and sings (piano is his main instrument).

Why choose Amped Up?

As an Amped Up student you’ll get chance to learn from expert tutors who make their living from music. You’ll have the opportunity to play with like-minded musicians in a group environment; you’ll be able to take part in exciting live band programs; you’ll be even get the chance to record your own songs and film live videos. At Amped Up we go above and beyond traditional music lessons – it’s time to get creative!


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