One to One Lessons Are the Quickest and Easiest Way to Learn


Lessons for any style of guitar: electric, acoustic and classical.


Get on a kit and nail those rolls, parradiddles and flam taps.


Always wanted to learn how to sing but don’t know if you can?


Get your hands on synths, strings, organs, pianos & more.


We teach all styles, from rock and pop to jazz and classical.


Take care of the low notes with lessons on the 4 string.

Get started with one to one lessons

One to One Lessons are the quickest and easiest way to learn or improve on an instrument. Nothing compares to being sat directly across from an expert tutor who can give you specific advice for your goals. It’s the tried and tested method of learning an instrument because, quite simply, it works!

Learn exactly what you want to learn

With One to One Lessons you can learn absolutely anything. Maybe there’s a specific style you want to develop or a certain technique has been bugging you for a while, your tutor will work with you until you nail it. That doesn’t mean you have to be specific with your tuition though – you can learn your instrument in a general way, or even learn to take music exams (grades).

After a few months of getting the help and advice specific to you, you’ll almost not recognise your own playing from when you first started. That’s what One to One Lessons are all about!


Your first lesson is free – what have you got to lose?

Should I take 30 minute or 60 minute lessons?

If you’re looking for music lessons for your son or daughter who’d like to begin their musical journey at a young age, then half hour lessons are the way to go. For teenagers and adults, we recommend one hour lessons – you’ll be able to improve quicker and easier than with half hour lessons (which you may find go by too quickly) and you’ll be much more satisfied with your progress after each lesson.

What will happen in my first lesson?

We’ll discuss exactly what you want to get from your instrument; what styles you’d like to learn, what songs you want to play, and if there’s any specific theory or techniques you’d like to know. If you’re coming to us to improve your skills, we’ll be able to assess where you’re at and get you on the path to learning what comes next, whereas beginners will leave with a handle on the basics and a definitive plan for learning.

Who are One to One Lessons for?

One to One Lessons are for absolutely anyone. Whether you’re looking to take your first ever lesson or you simply want to improve your abilities, they’re a great place to start. We teach all ages, from as young as 6 and you can take One to One lessons at any ability level.

  • Complete beginners learning from scratch
  • Intermediate and advanced players looking to develop their skills
  • Anybody who wants personalised, tailored music lessons
  • Parents wanting easy, flexible lessons for their children
  • Students who would like to take their music exams (grades)

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