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All the tutors at Amped Up Music Academy work independently. They’re expert musicians, handpicked by us to provide the highest standard of tuition in Doncaster.

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Lewis Meredith

Lewis has undergraduate and masters degrees in music from Hull University, where he came top of his class. He loves a good mystery and likes to think he’s basically shaggy from Scooby Doo.

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Dave Baxter

Dave’s a guitar & bass player with a degree in music technology from Leeds Met. In recent years he’s become obsessed with learning everything about guitar playing and music theory and he’s here to pass that knowledge on!

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Harry Nicklin

Harry has a degree in music from York St John University and is grade 8 on guitar. He also plays bass, drums, ukulele, banjo & mandolin! Harry is a self-professed comedian, but nobody at Amped Up agrees with him.

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Liam Marshall

Liam is a true multi-instrumentalist who plays the drums, guitar and bass all to a grade 8 standard. When he’s not teaching, he’s performs nearly 100 gigs a year with his band, where he’s known as ‘the human metronome’.

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Ralph Brown

Ralph is a grade 8 pianist with a music degree from Birmingham conservatoire. He cut his teeth performing on cruise ships whilst travelling the world and gave up a viable career as a lego master builder to become a professional musician!

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Lucas King

Lucas is an accomplished pianist and composer with a penchant for dark classical music. He has a hugely successful Youtube channel dedicated to his piano compositions with over 800,000 subscribers.

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