Teach at Amped Up Music Academy

Interested in teaching at Amped Up Music Academy?

Amped Up Music Academy provides music tutors with the opportunity to build a successful teaching calendar in a professional environment without the administrative burden associated with coordinating a large amount of students.

Tutors at Amped Up Music Academy work independently, with support from the academy’s front desk team who are on hand to deal with enquiries, emails, calls and payments on their behalf, leaving tutors to focus on teaching, instead of getting bogged down with rescheduling students and chasing payments.

As a growing music academy, we’re always looking for tutors who want to take on work. If you’re interested in teaching at Amped Up Music Academy, please fill out the form below. You’ll receive an email from us to let you know about our current availability.

The kind of tutors we’re looking for are enthusiastic and passionate. They’re happy to chat to parents and they care about their students’ progress. While many students want to learn grades, it’s important for tutors at Amped Up Music Academy to be able to teach in a fun and creative way, providing practical, usable knowledge that can be put to use in the real world. Modern teaching is the core of the academy, so tutors who strictly follow ABRSM grades wouldn’t be suitable.

Tutors should be comfortable teaching both adults and children from 6+ (depending on the instrument) to help build a full calendar.

Application Form

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